CWD-Free Attractants From Inventive Outdoors

By Brad KaufmannMarch 12, 2021

If you’re one of the hunters that lives in a state or county that has banned the use of real deer urine, you may want to check this stuff out. It’s guaranteed to be CWD free, and is legal in most areas that have banned real deer urine.

Check it out in our quick video…

How Is It Made?

If you’re as curious about this stuff as we were, you’ve probably done a little snooping around already. But if you haven’t, here’s what we know – this is a urine-based attractant that completely eliminates the risk of spreading CWD prions. If you’re wondering how it’s a “urine-based” attractant, but doesn’t use any real deer urine, this is what they do…

Inventive Outdoors uses urine collected from non-cervid species of animal that doesn’t carry the CWD prion. The urine is then treated with their patented urine neutralization and conversion process. This neutralizes the urine and basically turns it into whatever scent they desire. So all 4 of these scents are created from the same non-cervid collection of urine.

Cwd Free Scents From Inventive Outdoors

How Do I Know If It's Legal Where I Hunt?

The big question around the CWD-Free attractants, is whether or not it’s legal where you hunt. One way to figure this out is to read your local laws regarding the use of real urine for hunting. Some states completely ban the use of real urine, and others ban the use of real deer or cervid urine. In the first case, this would not be legal to use. But in case number two, this will be completely fine to use since it’s not made with deer urine.

Where Can I Find This?

CWD-Free can be found at their website –

On their website, you can get a 4oz. bottle for $13 or you can buy the Whitetail Bundle, which consists of all 4 scents, for $50.

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