Nose Jammer® Rub-On Wax Stick

By Brad KaufmannMarch 10, 2021

Nose Jammer® was created with the idea in mind to jam the olfactory gland of big game and predators so hunters could hunt without being detected. Compounds within the Nose Jammer® formula are natural and are delivered at concentrated levels, so animals aren’t alarmed by any unfamiliar scent.

How To Use Them

The latest addition to the Nose Jammer® line, are the wax sticks. Just like every other Nose Jammer® product, the wax sticks contain Vanillin and other natural aromatic compounds to cover up human scent and “jam” an animals sense of smell. So while humans can smell the overpowering vanilla scent, it overpowers a whitetail’s scent glands, leaving you undetected.


It’s also very simple to use. All you have to do is rub it on your boots prior to heading to the stand, then rub it on the tree your in, the treestand, branches, etc. Basically, cover all of your surroundings in the stuff so that it’s powerful enough to cover up whatever scent you’re giving off. Also use it around any trail cameras after checking them, to reduce the human odor left in the woods.

Where To Buy Nose Jammer®​

You can find Nose Jammer® at most of the major retailers including Cabela’s, Gander Outdoors, Bass Pro Shop, Sportsman’s Guide, Walmart, Scheels, and Mill’s Fleet Farm. The 2 oz. rub on wax sticks come at a price of $12.99, and you can also get any of the other Nose Jammer® products at their website – 

Brad Kaufmann
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