Bowhunt 101

Bowfishing Basics

Bowfishing can be an action-packed adventure with a lot of shooting.  Learn the basics of what it takes to shoot fish with a stick and string.

How To Set Up a Bowfishing Bow

1 min

BHOD pro-staffer, Dan Richardson, walks you through how to set up a bowfishing bow in this quick and simple video on how to set up a bowfishing bow.

Better Practice for Bowfishing

3 Min Read

We often put first timers in the boat, hand them a bow, and tell them to "aim low." But there is a better way to learn how to shoot better when bowfishing.

The Best Bows for Bowfishing

1 min

There are more bow options available to today's bowfishermen than ever before. Here we have assembled our list of the best bowfishing bows for 2015.

Get Started With Bowfishing

5 Min Read

Bowfishing is fast-paced, action-packed and can be quite addicting. If you're thinking about joining this growing sport here's a few tips to help get you started.

A Beginner’s Take on Bowfishing

4 Min Read

My husband and I are both avid bowhunters who, like most archers, enjoy chasing big game animals. He has been bowhunting his entire life while I just picked it up several years ago. Looking for something to keep us busy during the off season we reently de


5 Min Read

Spring has sprung and that means one thing.....It's Bowfishing Time!

Best Bowfishing Gear For 2020

How To Clean & Cook Asian Carp

1 Min Read
If you happen to find yourself with a boat full of these jumping fish here’s a step by step guide on preparing some of the best fish you have ever tasted! With the abundance of invasive Asian carp in the US today they’ve become a popular target for bowfisherme.. Step 1: Gut fish, split from […]
bowfishing bow arrow

Tuning Your Bowfishing Bow & Arrows

5 Min Read
Good arrow flight is just as important in bowfishing as in big game bowhunting. Here's a few helpful tips on tuning your bowfishing setup for optimal arrow flight.

How To Clean a Gar

1 Min Read
Cleaning a gar isn't hard and it's well worth the effort. The only tricks are to have the right tools, a good attitude and a bit of patience.