Bowhunting For Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer are the most sought-after game animal in North America.  Learn the basics of what bowhunting whitetails is all about and become a better bowhunter today.

7 Whitetail Deer Glands and What They Do

3 Min Read
What role do the glands on a deer perform? Deer hunters are likely familiar with the tarsal gland and the communication role it plays during the rut (breeding period), but did you know there are actually 6 other glands found on the white-tailed deer, many of which are used for communication? Check out the illustration […]

Best Spots to Hang a Trail Camera

5 Min Read

Do you have your cameras hung in the most productive spots? Here's a look at the 6 best spots to hang a trail camera this season.


Shot Placement for Deer

6 Min Read

Will you know where to place your arrow when the shot opportunity arises? Here's a look at the shot placement basics.

Spring Scouting For Whitetail Deer

Spring Scouting For Whitetail Deer

4 Min Read
There are many facets to scouting.  Buck sign, doe sign, bedding areas, transition routes, pinch points, trail hubs, rub lines, and scrapes make up most of the subject matter when it comes to scouting; and none of those are more apparent than during the late winter and early spring.  Each topic is an important part […]
Hunter with whitetail buck

Treestand Placement - Morning Vs. Evening Stands

11 Min Read
One common mistake often made by bow hunters is hunting their stand locations at the wrong time of day.  While scouting for deer sign is an important role in locating the deer that you’re hunting, understanding what time of day the deer are using these areas can be just as important to filling your tag. […]
Beating The Mid October Hunting Lull

Beating The Mid-October Hunting Lull

10 Min Read
A substantial temperature drop during the October lull can yield big results. Hunter shown wearing Lost Camo. The October lull. Every year it plagues whitetail bowhunters across North America. It’s frustrating. It’s boring. It’s the hunters’ equivale