Bowhunting For Whitetail Deer

How To Hang A Treestand

4 Min Read
The act of hanging a treestand is not complicated. In fact, the tricky part is knowing where to hang one. However, before that can be accomplished, a basic understanding of how to hang the stand must be achieved. Above all else, safety is the primary concern when hanging treestands for hunting purposes. Treestand Safety Gear […]
Hunter looking at big buck rub

Spring Scouting For Whitetail Deer

4 Min Read
There are many facets to scouting.  Buck sign, doe sign, bedding areas, transition routes, pinch points, trail hubs, rub lines, and scrapes make up most of the subject matter when it comes to scouting; and none of those are more apparent than during the late winter and early spring. 
Hunter with whitetail buck

Treestand Placement - Morning Vs. Evening Stands

11 Min Read
One common mistake often made by bow hunters is hunting their stand locations at the wrong time of day.  While scouting for deer sign is an important role in locating the deer that you’re hunting, understanding what time of day the deer are using these areas can be just as important to filling your tag.  […]

Beating The Mid-October Hunting Lull

10 Min Read
A substantial temperature drop during the October lull can yield big results. Hunter shown wearing Lost Camo. The October lull. Every year it plagues whitetail bowhunters across North America. It’s frustrating. It’s boring. It’s the hunters’ equivale

Pre-Rut Hunting Tactics For October Whitetails

12 Min Read
Pre-rut hunts can be just as productive as peak-rut hunts. Talk to many bowhunters today and this is when they’ll say they most want to be in the woods. True, peak rut is a great time to be in your tree stand from sunrise to sunset. It’s when you’re
Bowhunter carrying backpack in mountains

Bowhunting Mountain Bucks

16 Min Read
Although it’s been awhile, one deer hunter can still remember how seductive the thought of chasing whitetails with a bow and arrow was as a young boy. The very idea of it consumed him and he often fantasized about loosing himself in some remote corner

Deer Hunting Small Property

9 Min Read
You must constantly monitor your boundaries to keep unwanted intruders at bay or they will ruin your deer hunt program. The little farm wasn’t much, just 350 acres or so, and it was surrounded by much larger farms on three sides and separated from a

Five Top Stand Sites for Pressured Public Land

12 Min Read
Five Top Stand Sites for Pressured Public Land The black veil of night slowly lifts from your forest surroundings. You exhale in the cold, morning air, sending a stream of frosty steam out into space. As the cloud dissipates, you survey the area around y

Hunting All Day in a Tree

9 Min Read
No pain, no gain. Typically those words are used to remind athletes that victories are earned through tremendous self-sacrifice. But the same axiom can also be applied to deer hunters. The folks who put meat in the freezer and racks on the wall, season

Bowhunting October Whitetails

11 Min Read
You’re chomping at the bit. After months of dreaming about big bucks, and watching your favorite hunting videos repeatedly, the season is finally here. The temptation to dive right in and start hunting your best stands is like a moth’s attraction to fire.

A Guide to Bowhunting The Rut

12 Min Read
The rut is the one time each season when bucks leave their safe zones – the places where they know the curve of every branch and the smell of every turd. Suddenly they are in situations where they don’t always have the upper hand. Throw in a little testos

Tips For Treestand Placement

10 Min Read
Past 30 yards, bowhunting for whitetail deer becomes much more a game of luck and guesswork. Bucks change their minds and their direction of travel on a whim. One second everything looks good, the buck is heading toward your shooting lane. Then the next s

Late Season Deer Hunting Strategies

8 Min Read
We all want the rut to last until the end of the season, to keep the excitement going as long as possible. For most deer hunters, the late season hunting is more like an experiment than a true hunt. They dream that maybe this year it will be just as good

How To Handle Buck Fever

10 Min Read
Navigating the last ten seconds of any encounter with game is an art form that only matures with practice. It is easy to be an armchair quarterback when someone else is telling you how the buck they were hunting gave them the slip at the last second. “Why

Ground Blind Strategies

11 Min Read
There are two separate situations where ground blinds can be very productive even when trees are available. The first occurs when a buck is approaching a specific part of a feeding area regularly but using a variety of trails. The second opportunity occur

Bowhunting Backyard Bucks

12 Min Read
Even though we own more land, the best hunting on our farm in the past three seasons has occurred in the 40 acres right around our house. It is almost bizarre how many big deer we have seen and actually shot in that small area even though we live in the h

Hunting Big Woods Bucks

10 Min Read
I love the challenge of hunting big woods bucks and I also love the peacefulness. There is nothing better than hiking a mile or two back into the middle of nowhere in the morning darkness and then waiting for the sun to rise. As you wait for the first mor

Scouting Tips: Plan Now for Post-Season Scouting

6 Min Read
Once the bowhunting season ends many hunters hang up their gear and don't think about scouting until the following fall. However, post-season scouting can provide invaluable information for the bowhunter who is willing to put in th extra time and effort.

Shot Selection While Bowhunting

12 Min Read
The three most important decisions you'll make while bowhunting are if you should shoot, when you should shoot, and where you should aim. Planning ahead for these questions will unquestionably help you when the time of truth arrives.

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