Hunting Techniques

How To Hang A Treestand

4 Min Read
The act of hanging a treestand is not complicated. In fact, the tricky part is knowing where to hang one. However, before that can be accomplished, a basic understanding of how to hang the stand must be achieved. Above all else, safety is the primary concern when hanging treestands for hunting purposes. Treestand Safety Gear […]

Choosing A Hunting Outfitter

8 Min Read
Telling everyone your success story after a good day in the field is lots of fun. Hiring a good hunting outfitter increases the chances of a deer hunter tagging a big buck like the deer hunters did here. Hunter shown wearing Mathews Lost Camo. Over t

How To Call Turkeys

7 Min Read
Veteran turkey caller and accomplished hunter Mike Hanback gives us some helpful tips for turkey calling including how to use a mouth call, box call and slate call.

Treestand Safety

6 Min Read
Treestand safety is something bowhunters don’t think about much unless they have a treestand accident. Almost all serious bowhunters know someone who has had a treestand accident. I know several individuals who have fallen from treestands. One gentleman I

The Basics for Turkey Hunting with a Bow

9 Min Read
Whether you have taken turkeys with a gun or it’s your first time in the turkey woods, there is a challenge out there waiting for you. Here's some helpful tips on making some stick and string music on your next long beard.

Getting Started - The Bowhunting Basics

11 Min Read
If you are scratching your head trying to make sense of all the technical stuff we write about and the myriad of options available to you when setting up a bow, this article is for you.

Scent Elimination for Bowhunters

8 Min Read
Getting within bow range of an animal can be very difficult. However, maintaining proper scent control and scent elimination tactics can significantly improve your odds.

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