Buck at 10 Yards – Hunter Can’t Stop Shaking!

Episode 37October 18, 2019

It’s mid-October and the weather is finally getting right as we ramp up to the pre-rut phase of the hunting season. We’re joining up with Clinton Fawcett as he climbs into a ladder stand for a last minute doe management hunt in Illinois. He’s mowed down a trail that leads to where the deer have been feeding on acorns, but will it pay off and put deer in front of his stand? We’re also catching up with Tommy Alford on a hunt that finds him in some of the best October weather conditions he’s ever had. He’s in a new spot that’s got lots of deer and a good supply of shooter bucks. He’s set up in a stand that makes for a great observation set, but he’s hoping that it could end up being the ideal killing stand as well. Will he get one of his shooter bucks in bow range? It’s all here on the latest episode of Bowhunt or Die.

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