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Watch these expert gear reviews from the staff and find out the detailed information you’ve been looking for. From bows and broadheads to trail cameras and treestands we review it all.

Cobra Switch Release

Cobra Switch Handheld Release

The Cobra Switch is a handheld release that easily converts from a traditional thumb-trigger style release to a back tension release by simply removing and reinstalling a single set screw.  The Cobra Switch also features a 360 degree rotating head to help reduce torque on your bow string and offer a more consistent shot.

Mathews HTX Bow Review

We take a look at the Mathews HTX bow which features a dual bridged riser design and the innovative NoCam system.

CropCare 3PT Sprayer

Head out to northwest Illinois with Todd Graf as he details the features and benefits of his new CropCare 3PT Sprayer. 

Moose Utility Division ATV Spreader

Todd Graf takes us to his Illinois food plots to show us his Moose Utility Division ATV Spreader in action. This high quality unit is great for spreading fertilizer or seed form the back of your ATV.

NAP Apache Stabilizer

The Apache Stabilizer features proprietary dampening materials to snuff out vibration and silence your bow at the shot. For added versatility, the stabilizer system comes as a 5” base stabilizer while the Apache 8”comes with a removeable 3” long, 2 oz car

Cold Weather Trail Cam Review Pt. 1

In part 1 of our cold weather trail camera testing, Todd Graf braved the -30* wind chills and put three trail cameras to the test - a Recoynx, a Predator Xtinction, and a Smart Scouter.  See how they performed in these brutal conditions.

Cold Weather Trail Cam Review Pt. 2

After braving the extreme cold and wind, Todd Graf went back inside to check the results of his tests.  Find out which of these cameras - the Reconyx, Predator Xtinction, and Smart Scounter - performed the best.

Bushnell Trophy Cam Review

Justin Zarr reviews the new Trophy Cam from Bushnell to see just how easy to use this new trail camera really is.

Pine Ridge Archery AT-5 Tips & Review staff member Josh Fletcher reviews the Pine Ridge Archery AT-5 trail camera mount and gives his tips and tricks for using flash cameras to capture pictures of good bucks.

Camtrakker MK10

Todd Graf goes over the new features and improvements of the Camtrakker Mk10.

Woodsey Too Treestands Gear Review

Justin Zarr puts the Woodsey Too Treestand together and finds puts it to the test of being one of the most versatile treestands on the market.

NAP 2-Blade BloodRunner Review

Justin Zarr goes over the NAP 2-Blade BloodRunner, a new broadhead that leaves a 2-1/16" cutting diameter. Justin does some test shots on various different types of fruit to see if the 2-Blade Bloodrunner lives up to its name

Pine Ridge Hook & Hoist Review

The Hook & Hoist System from Pine Ridge archery allows you to keep your bow hoist organized and attached to your treestand at all times.  You can

Axcel Armortech Sight Review

Justin Zarr reviews the new Armortech line of bow sights by Axcel.  These innovative new sights feature fully enclosed fiber optics, toolless micro adjusment, and an hourglass shaped scope for improved accuracy.  You can purchase them right here

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